To find pearls, you need to look in the depth of the sea.

When a foreign object leaks into the shellfish, such as a grain of sand or any small creature. Oysters begin to protect themselves from the annoying foreign body by covering it with a layer of organic and inorganic matter called Nacre. Layer over layer to cover the foreign grain of sand until the 'pearls' end up forming. To find pearls, you need to look in the depth of the sea.

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Middle East School of Abuse Related Pastoral Counseling.

The worst kind of trauma is when someone is sexually abuse, where the survivor enters into a closed circle of negative emotions. We have therefore dedicated four years to study trauma specialized in order to be able to help individuals who have been exposed to psychological and sexual abuse.

Specialized counseling

Abuse survivors find themselves locked in a closed world that revolves around feelings of guilt and shame, depriving them of any sense of pleasure in life. Here, we tell them: ‘You have a place in life’.

It is not about “chatting – preaching – instruction – scolding – advice – providing solutions – imposing an opinion or solving a person’s problem.” It is rather a relationship that facilitate the client emerging from his or her crisis, or reaching a an extent of improvement through this relationship, thus helping the individual to understand self, and the root of the problem; and to come to peace with himself and with other people. Counseling sessions aim to facilitate the maturity of the client’s personality, and their understanding of their problems, in order to be able to deal with them more skillfully than before. Counseling also aims at reducing stress and anxiety, to teach life skills, and to help clients adapt to life and to other people.

The Art Workshop​

The magic and elegance of colors open a new door of setting free from the crises of negative emotions that have been buried over the years: Change is creativity.

Specialized Therapeutic Groups

We’ve all been injured at some point on various of levels in life. Do we hide our injuries to avoid shame? You’re not alone, we stand by you.

Pearl Gallery

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